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Ivy Academy Co-Op


When Tiffany and her family started their homeschool journey, she sought out a community for her family that was welcoming and representative of them.  She wanted a community that was local, secular and used decolonized curriculum.  Tiffany wanted her children to see themselves in their curriculum, teachers and fellow students. When she was unable to find that community, she decided to build it!


Ivy Academy Co-op was created in response to a community need. In its first year, Ivy enrolled 6 students and following year it had grown to over 30 students! Ivy Academy Co-op is now enrolling 40 students ages 3 to 13! 


Our cooperative maintains financial accessibility by requiring only a modest fee for participation.  We are able to accomplish this through collaboration with our community, the dedication of a talented group of volunteers and the generosity of our donors.


Daily Snapshots

Cooperative Learning: A Day in the Life

Our community is active year-round .  During our fall and spring sessions, our students come to co-op on Mondays from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.  During this time, we participate in enrichment classes, lunch, and physical education.  We always start our day by reciting our “Ivy Affirmation Statement,” which is grounded in self-love, respect for others and mindfulness.  Tuesdays are for field trips!  Our outings are planned with intentionality and designed to create strong community connections and leave lasting impact.  We especially love to support small and BIPOC-owned businesses!  During the summer, we organize and participate in swim lessons, camps and camping trips.


What Parents Are Saying...

As a parent, I can't speak highly enough about the positive impact that our experience with Ivy Academy has had on our family. The sense of community and support we found within the co-op is unparalleled.

The diverse range of activities offered by the co-op has allowed my son to explore his interests and learn in an engaging and effective way. The dedicated teachers and staff are the parents, and we have created an environment that fosters critical thinking skills, creativity, self-love, a love for our culture, and a love for learning.

Our family's friendships and connections within the co-op have been invaluable. The opportunity for my son to socialize and collaborate with his peers in a safe and supportive setting has been an essential part of his academic and personal.

I recommend the Ivy Academy to any new or veteran homeschooling family looking for a vibrant, enriching, and inclusive community that connects our students to the African Diaspora. It has been an amazing value-added aspect of our homeschooling journey, and we are grateful for the lasting impact it will have on my son’s personal development.


-Eugene S., EdD

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